Thursday, January 26, 2012

Antiquing in Orange, VA

The weather yesterday was a gift, so I took a ride to Orange, VA.  Orange is located on Rt 15 outside Culpeper, VA and is a nice drive from Warrenton, VA.

My friends, Patrick and Amy, own LIONSHARE ANTIQUES right on historic Main St.  There is street parking and a lot beside the building.  Everything in beautiful and tastefully presented.
If you have a large foyer and looking for a statement piece....consider this grand mirror....take a look just before leaving in the morning and you will be amazed at how your image will make you feel.

The shop offers paintings, country art, lamp finials, fabric, cute small tabletop display cabinets, perfect dining room servers/buffet, as well as small furniture.  Everything is ready to place in your home.  Look at this desk....

Don't worry...LIONSHARE ANTIQUES has something for everyone...take this Lance display case for example...

LIONSHARE ANTIQUES is open Wed thru Sunday.

Across the street is a yummy spot for lunch...The Light is open breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Seafood soup and a blackened chicken club were the two specials yesterday. I had the sandwich and the homemade sauce was perfect.  Great old tins on the ceiling and a sofa area to sit and catch up.

Then I stopped in the Second To None shop which showcases gently used more modern furniture, clothes and jewelry and decor items.  Great original art on display yesterday. Continue down Main Street, cross the tracks and bear right, Byrd St.,  shop is on the left.

Oh, what I stumbled on next...Gypsy Willow... will be on the right.  It is a magical place!  Owner Terry Devine definately has an eye for display.  There are a few dealers in the mix and the building flows from one room to another.  Everything from crocks, nice Goofas glass, plates, furniture, vintage..vintage...vintage is everywhere.  I just don't know how to tell you what is here, you just have to see for yourself.  They are working on a website....

So, I hope you had a good time seeing the highlights in Orange.  There are other shops also, Melrose Antiques is next door to Lionshare Antiques, but was closed when I was there.  Also JS Mosby is down the street and next time I am going to make time to stop in, the windows looked inviting.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Icey Saturday!  I have spent some time this morning scanning some wonderful blogs.  The bogger linked below had taken a tired old secretary and gave her a makeover.  Check it out!  Days like today are perfect times for a quick makeover. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time For A Fiesta !!

Some of the Retired Fiesta pieces in the shop now.

Fiesta: -n 1.a religious festival or celebration, esp. on a saint's day
2. a holiday or carnival
3. Feast

The Homer Laughlin China Co. definitely picked the right name for this line of dinnerware.  The bright colors are festive and fit for a feast or holiday.  They produced this from 1936 to 1973 in Newell, WV in fifty assorted pieces in fourteen different solid colors.   The standard eleven colors are: the “originals” cobalt blue, light green, ivory, red, turquoise and yellow plus the “fifties” chartreuse, forest green, gray, rose and medium green.  The medium green is elusive in many pieces.
Fiesta Red was made with uranium oxide which during WWII the Government restricted the use of until 1959. A different formula was used during that time, but the public was still concerned with health hazards from the metal.  The FDA concluded that if the glazes and decals were properly applied and no damage is seen, the vintage dinnerware poses no hazards.  However, they recommend not storing food in the vintage pieces or putting them in the microwave.
Fiesta was restyled in 1969 in an attempt to adapt to new production techniques.  Only the Fiesta Red was continued.  In 1973, the Fiesta Ironstone was discontinued. Two types of marks were used: an ink stamp on machine made pieces and an indented mark molded into the hollow ware pieces.
In 1986 dinnerware in five new colors was introduced: Black, White, Pink, Apricot and a darker Cobalt.  A little later the following was added: Yellow, Turquoise, Seafoam Green, Country Blue, Lilac, Persimmon, Sapphire Blue, Chartreuse, Gray, Juniper and Cinnabar.  None of these pose a threat to the vintage collections.
Turquoise was the last original color to be introduced of the items that were discontinued in 1946.  This color had a very short production run and today's values reflect the rarity.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Plate Wall Hangings

Well, as it seems working 7 days a week is not enough so I have taken on a new project.  My crafty side is layering plates and trays to give new life to some forgotten treasures.  Then hang them on the wall.... Here's an example...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Chilly Morning to you all.  16 in Opal this morning with a calm wind.  Sounds like I am at sea somewhere. 

One of my New Year commitments is to visit the local area antique shops more often.  This, so far has been one resolution I have kept!  Yesterday I went to Marshall, VA and shopped in Robin's Nest which is in the old O'Bannon Hardware Store.  Currently, the antiques are kinda intermingled with the hardware downstairs, but upstairs is very spacious with great vender areas.  Good variety of items and excellent prices.   They are slowly weeding out the hardware, but will keep in stock a variety of gotta-haves for the locals.

Also while in the area, drop by Crest Hill Antiques right in the heart of The Plains, VA.  She has a Tea Room and beautiful items.  Some recent acquisitions are on the website:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cedar Run Antiques

Isn't this grand????!!!????  Found it yesterday at Cedar Run Antiques in Catlett, VA.  They have a great shop with many dealers who have packed spaces.  It is located next to Wilson Meats.  They are closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Ole Man Winter has arrived !!

Well here we were, all of us scurrying around doing our Christmas shopping, some in shorts and no coats, wearing our summer flipflops for holiday pedicures, saying to everyone..."Oh I wish we could have a white Christmas".  New Year's Eve was mild and we rang in what some predict will be our last year...2012.    Now look at us - cold, windy first Tues of the last year we will have (and it feels like a Monday) and we have SNOW.

This snow was perfect, by the way.  Light and fluffy, blowing and swirling around, did what it came to do in about an hour and half, Mr. Sun pushed it along, school stayed open and the day progresses.

By the way....2012 will NOT be our last year....I know because I watched Back To The Future and Marty McFly came back in 2015.  Shades of Y2K.