Friday, February 24, 2012

Ole Blue becomes Alittle Sassy

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a cabinet made by the husband's grandfather.  He used a piece of wood from here and there and stored his tools in the bottom and mounted a vice on top.  When I received it, my house was going through a blue period, so blue it became and was a perfect little bar in the corner.

Now in the new house, it was shoved into the basement probably never to see the light of day again.

After moving some boxes around, I stumbled on Ole blue and thought about a giving it a new life in the living room.  The door has to go...

The living room is painted a sage green using Home Depot Baer paint.  I bought Baer Heavy Cream and painted Ole Blue all over.  Then applied a light almost dry brush Sage coating.  So she now has shed the blue skin and is a beautiful light green
After a quick sanding on the edges, I rubbed on Martha Stewart's Antique Gold for some sparkle.

The wood on the top was so nice, I left it natural and used Mimwax paste wax on it and after a good buffing, it is silky smooth.
 You can see the streaks of cream showing through just enough ...
She needed a little somthing on the back of the shelves so I found a nice cheap shelf paper that worked perfectly in the room.

And here she is....sitting in the corner of the living room...looking pretty sassy

I wish I had more time for projects ...maybe I can squeeze in one a month.
Thanks for your time and I can't wait to see your project post.

The Very Thing. . .

Hello, here I sit in the Past Reflections Antique shop feeling the urge to blog.  Then I think...why am I doing anyone reading what I have the urge to write...I never know because I do not receive any comments.  So, here I go again..

The other day I was in Haymarket and took a few minutes to visit The Very Thing on Washington Stree.  It is a consignment shop that is LOADED with beautiful items.  Doris Buck is the owner and boy does she have the knack to decorate.  There is a room that's all about Sports, kitchen, Blue items and Green, Sunroom, Bathroom aquatic items, Cat's Meow, comfy furniture....etc.


Look what they did with an old shelf and two window, no glass of course, and alittle paint.  Cute display!

I think I have to have one of these in my shop....

Each room is filled with beautiful items...and did I mention...SO reasonably priced!

If you are in the Haymarket neighborhood, stop by The Very Thing and tell Doris and the girls you saw it here first. 

Hope to see you at Past Reflections soon.....2 new dealers moving in this weekend !

Have a great weekend !

Each room is filled with beautiful items...and did I mention...SO reasonably priced!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Antique Shop in Culpeper

I hope all of you had a sweet Valentine's Day ! 

In our busy life, everyone has several people dictating what you need to, should and have to get done in a day.  Husbands or significant others, children, school, groups and so on have "just a quick minute" item.  Well, my biggest dictator is Time.  I capitalize the "T" because in my life it is a constant entity that I find myself borrowing from and skimping to pay back.  Time is a better athelete than I am, I know that because it is always way ahead of me.

It had been a few weeks since Time allowed me to get out and browse around local shops.  Usually Time allows me part of a Wednesday and yesterday I closed my eyes to my desk and other things and ran.  My friend Doodles came along with me.

I delivered some auction purchases to one of my favorite places in Culpeper....Quail At The Wood antique shop right on Main Street one block on the left before the Davis St. stop light.  Sarah Hays has this shop and it is exquisite. Leave the kids at is not a kid friendly shop and you surely don't want to pay for an item broken.  I never take my Grandchildren inside.

Then we went to the Green Roost on Davis Street to buy rose buds and lavender smelly stuff for the shop.  Doodles bought a cute slender bench to sit in front of her sliding glass door for plants on top and underneath.

At the corner, across from Clarke Hardware, is a fairly new store simply called TASTE.  It is full of cooking oils, vinegars and spices from all over the world.  There are rows of large vats from which you draw a small taste.  Any flavor EVOO that you can think of...they have.  Then turn around and there are at least 30 containers of Balsamic Vinegars to taste.  I fell in love with Blackberry and had to get a bottle, $11, and he drew it straight from the vat.  Bring the bottle back for refill and get $1 off.  Cute vinegar containers too.  I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures!  They haven't gotten around to a website yet.

Ok, now to the new Antique Shop which is a couple doors down from Knackles Bakery............. Found Antiques Vintage & Today is located at 162 East Davis St.  Allison is the shop owner and things are beautifully displayed.  They are full service, offering to buy, sell and consign everything from one item to an entire estate.  Oh, did I mention Allison also has a nice array of vintage clothes and furs.

Did you hear that....Time is calling and says I have been on the computer too long.  Until next time..